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"Her paintings aims to offer the audience harmony, serenity and peace in today's chaotic world."

Astra C.Allegre , Expats magazine


"Dans une palette tout en nuancement, cette artiste-poète chante le monde avec ses fractures, ses zones d'ombre, mais surtout avec un élan vital qui réchauffe l'oeil et l'esprit. Une artiste à suivre!"

Louis Richardeau, Magazine L'Eventail

Alexandra Van Lierde has been painting since the age of 5. She is now 40 and is an experimented artist. She has studied Fine arts in Brussels, Belgium and has already exhibited in several places, such as Shangai, Istanbul, Manila or Brussels. Today, she lives in Manila and shares her time between painting, writing, teaching and her family. She has already sold more than 100 art works, some are part of famous Art collections in Europe and Asia.


She recently wrote a book "Pas peur", published by French editor L'Harmattan, which tells her son's story, a little boy born with a syndrom and who lived an adventurous life. 

You can see more of her work on this website or on her Facebook page: Alexandra Van Lierde ART, instagram alex_van_lierde_artist_writer or pinterest


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